During our Wednesday church service, members and guests are invited to share inspiration and testimonies of how Christian Science has helped them. For the time being, we will be sharing those remarks below. If you would like to submit a testimony to be read over our phone in service, please email the clerk at ClerkCSRSM@gmail.com.

Wednesday Meeting – May 27, 2020

Testimony #1

“I am so grateful to know that Christian Science healing is effective for every animal on our earth.  Last weekend, I was with a friend helping her with some horses.  After we had put one of the horses away for the evening and fed her, we went up to the house for dinner.  A short time later, one of the trainers called her and said this mare was choking and we needed to come to the barn right away.  Cora, the mare, obviously had something stuck in her throat and was having difficulty swallowing and we could see that something was stuck (we could see a protrusion in her neck).  My friend is a Christian Scientist so I knew she turned immediately to God for an answer, as did I.  The first thought that came to me was the sentence in Science and Health that says, “A spiritual idea has not a single element of error, and this truth removes properly whatever is offensive.” Page 463:12-13.  So I knew that nothing could obstruct or attach itself to this pure, loving, harmonious idea of God.  I knew her entire being was harmonious and always moving in accord with God, Love.  I think this horse really felt the presence of Love being reflected by my friend and all of us around her because she was so calm and allowed my friend to get a hose, put it in her mouth and let the water wash down whatever was stuck.  In just a few minutes, she was totally free and able to swallow and breathe normally.

There was another incident that same night which I wasn’t even aware of until my friend told me about it later.  Another mare went into labor while I was there.  It was such a thrill for me to witness this birth (I had seen foals a few hours old, but never one being born) and all appeared totally normal.  At one point though, the umbilical cord was supposed to detach from the mother and foal and I didn’t realize that this was not happening.  My friend said she was concerned, but she turned away for just a few moments and prayed—declaring the presence of our Mother-God, who protects and safely delivers all of its ideas harmoniously.  When she turned back, the cord had detached and mother and baby were doing just fine.

I am so grateful to know that we can turn to God for every need and that God, divine Love, is governing all His creatures and keeping them all safe.”

By Jeremy Hearne

Testimony #2

“It came out of nowhere!” (That should have been my first clue!) Last Thursday morning, after a very inspiring testimony meeting the previous night, I was preparing to go to work. The work at our construction firm is regarded “essential”, so we continue to perform. 

During this time period, of course, it is recommended that anyone who is ill should not go to work. Back to getting ready…Suddenly I started feeling unwell, not with symptoms of the novel virus, but unwell nonetheless.  I finished getting dressed for work and sat down to read the Weekly Bible Lesson.  It was inspiring, but I still felt that I should not go to work, as I could not demonstrate perfect health at that moment.  I called a Christian Science practitioner for assistance.  She cheerfully agreed to work with me to erase any thought that I could be in any way separated from God and His Love. I lay down for a minute, and after about an hour, I realized that I had no symptoms of illness and was completely healthy, instead.  As I was calling the practitioner back, she was texting me the lyrics of Hymn 81 from the Christian Science Hymnal. The second verse ends in: “His all-power / Helps and heals, and sets me free.”

I went back to work very glad that perfect health was my only symptom.   The experience reminded me that nothing can “separate us from the Love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:39)

I appreciate the opportunity to serve this branch church, and the Mother Church, and cheerfully await the next opportunity to bless and be blessed.”

By Jennifer Mabley